Providing Telemedicine services for all age groups especially busy professionals, travelers and workers.

Telecare Healing services online in USA have been managed by experienced Family Practice Providers who have at least 12 years of experience under their belts. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customers and provide the exceptional, compassionate service they deserve. To learn more, simply browse through our site and consult a tele doctor online in USA. Get the best online visit by Physician in USA.

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If there is an emergency, please call 911 or seek Emergent care.

Our visits starts from $79 onwards including counseling sessions, basic lab work visits are for $150 onwards including labs prices and refills.
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I am also a Certified Reiki healer and teach Chakra Meditations. I am also offering Counseling sessions with Reiki Healing and Energy Clearing Meditations part of my Reiki healing practice.
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Diagnosis and Treatments

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About Us

We believe in healing people at the level of Body, Mind and Soul for individual being. Healing doesn’t end by treating only physical ailments. Your body’s essential function is to regulate your mind and well being as well. Telecarehealing will make sure you are healed well and completely until you show results.

Person to Person

Avoid Person to person contact if feeling sick

Family Health

Be considerate of sharing common belongings while being sick

Avoid Close Contact

Avoid contact when sick to avoid spreading disease.

Infected Person Coughs

Cover your cough. Seek medical relief.

Wash Your Hands

Protect your loved ones when sick by washing hands or using sanitizer and wearing masks as needed. Wash hands often atleast 5-6 times a day or more after touching surfaces especially before eating food. Research proves that washing hands is much better than sanitizing but if you can’t wash hands, then sanitize regularly at least on hourly basis.

Stay at Home

Staying home when sick. Get Covid test as needed and seek medical help.

Our Healthcare Services

COVID-19 Consulting

Covid 19 Symptoms Relief And Medications

Upper Respiratory

Includes Sinus Infections, Bronchitis, Allergies, Cough And Cold

Skin Conditions

Includes Rash, Acne, Cut Or Bruises, poison Ivy, Cellulitis etc

Mental Health

Counseling Sessions Include Free 15 Extra Minutes Of Counseling Past 15 Minutes Of Appointment Time For First Timers.


Joint Or Muscle Aches/ Sprains Or Strains. Appropriate Treatment Plans Or Referral

sexually transmitted Infection

Incudes Male and female STI treatments

Eyes/Ears/Throat Complaints

Includes Generic Antibiotics

Women’s/Men’s Health

Includes Male and Female UTI, Birth Control pills, Bacterial Vaginosis/Yeast Infection

Medication Refills

Includes Medication Refills For Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Thyroid Disorders, Sleep Apnea, Depression/ Anxiety

Our Services

Our Healthcare Services

Telecarehealing services has been managed by experienced Family Practice Providers

Saleema Hirani

Family Nurse Practitioner

Meet Saleema Hirani, a board certified Licensed Family Nurse Practitioner who is practicing for the past 9 years as a FNP and 14 years as a registered Nurse. She had worked in a variety of settings as a family Nurse Practitioner including Urgent care clinics, multiple Family practices as a solo provider and also worked in Retail clinics throughout DFW area. She is well equipped with prompt diagnosis and treatment plans. She has a great customer satisfaction ratio and she makes sure you are well taken care of your problems. She truly believes in holistic healing as part of her whole treatment plan.

Easily book appointments and renew prescriptions

Skip unnecessary trips to the ER or urgent care

It is your exclusive opportunity to get virtual care services in USA. You can order telemedicine online in USA through Telecare Healing. Through our website, you can consult an online doctor and hire telehealth experts online in USA.

When it comes to looking after our health, we must not compromise, which is why you can get the best online visit by experienced physicians in USA and hire a virtual doctor for personal health care in USA. We offer professional online physical and mental health services in USA so you can easily and conveniently avail our televisit services in USA without compromising on your health or financial stability.

During this pandemic, it is best to stay indoors and reduce contact with other people. To help our customers tackle this pandemic, you can order online medicine with professional advice with the help of Telecare Healing. We are simply the best online health care services provider in USA. Hire physician for virtual visit in USA today!